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Selling at markets is a very rewarding lifestyle. A market stall starts with imagination, and succeeds through determination: but read the story of any successful idea and you will find a mention of the local market. In a fast paced world of work and big business, dreams begin at home and grow within in the community. Whether in it for a season or for life, many market stallholders enjoy a social day out, covering the costs of a hobby, developing a business and networking within the community.

Freedom to choose when and where to trade, how to trade and what mix will make your business boom within your capability: the opportunity to be live and trade within the community and present an aspect of life which inspires others, are just some of the benefits of running a market attraction. 

A successful market stall is based innovation and entrepreneurship. It is an opportunity to represent your ideas, interests and innovations with the benefits of a friendly 'home crowd' and the trials of real business. A position within Picton Markets allows one to exist within a community of interested, passionate and persistent people who believe in "la bella vita" - the beautiful life.

Markets aren't just about small business: they are a foot in the door and a place to develop a product and reputation. From little things, big things grow: and Picton Markets stallholders have developed retail shops, festival attractions, product lines, and changed or developed careers from opportunities presented from meeting people and participating in markets.

Management of Picton Markets is by Good Olde Fashioned Fun: a boutique events service founded by Emma Sputnik to provide niche event solutions. Picton Markets is run on a not-for-profit basis with a vision to provide premium production standards to enhance the determination of the creative spirit and inspire the spirit of living with simple pleasures.


A Popular Place

Picton Markets is a monthly celebration of community culture. By building upon a good reputation for quality people and quality products, the market attracts visitors from the local area as well as from across NSW and Australia. It is advertised in a number of commercial channels which ensures that those in the know, know where to go!


More than a market

Picton Markets prides itself on being a space which is supportive of enterprise, creativity, innovation and strives to support the people who make the world a colourful place. By investing in local artists, musicians and providing a place for people from all walks of life: the market represents the variety of people who support "la bella vita" - the beautiful life.


All amenities

With an onsite kitchen, toilets, car parking, seating, wheelchair accessibility, shade in summer, heated in winter, close to ATMs, scenic walks and in the heart of the beautiful Picton Valley - Market Day is not just another day, it's an attraction to many people who seek to see something different.

Stallholders, Artists, Musicians and all other hopeful dreamers: if you have something to offer Picton Markets, please get in touch today.