Picton Markets - It's a Lovely Day Out: VALUES

Collective Values of Picton Markets

  • To provide an outlet for producers of Unique, Boutique and Homegrown goods.
    Including but not limited to: Food and food products, handmade and hand finished items, creatively produced or sourced goods, entrepreneurship and with preference to traders furnishing such goods; and local to Wollondilly Shire, and surrounding suburbs.

  • To provide a platform to promote the establishment of, and support the efforts of musicians and artists via paid positions to perform on stage, and to exhibit artworks in The Universe Gallery.

  • To provide a quality marketplace which is enjoyable to visit, and to welcome and cater for a diverse crowd of both stallholders and visitors.

  • To strive to give “a lovely day out”, over the course of years.

  • To remain committed to providing quality, tangible life experiences which remain superior to media viewing.

  • To provide responsible management in line with current demands and trends of stakeholders and the seasonal events calendar, provide advertising and generate sales opportunities for committed stallholders to enjoy the benefits of trading at Picton Markets.

  • To demonstrate the values of agriculture and farming, husbandry of plants and animals, items which demonstrate beauty, style, quality of workmanship, longevity, innovation, novelty and other admirable qualities.

  • To encourage and foster community values of friendliness, courtesy, creativity, innovation, education, enlightenment of self and kin and contribution from the greater community to a thriving marketplace.

  • To remain flexible to the changing demands of society, economy and community.

  • To demonstrate admiration and respect for the living and creative forces of humanity and the environment.